Harness changelog
Harness changelog

Deployment Freeze Windows Enhancements




Early Access


Based on the feedback received from our early adopters, we have enhanced the deployment freeze capability to support

  1. Ad-hoc windows (Users will be able to easily set up freeze windows to stop deployments for the next 2 hours while doing critical demos).

  2. Recurring windows (Easily set up freeze windows to avoid deployments from happening when the team is not around - no more weekend deployments).

  3. Override a freeze window when you need to hotfix (Super admins (heroes) will be able to make sure that mission-critical deployments happen even when there is a freeze).

  4. API Support (Now you can manage your freeze windows via APIs as well)

  5. Now you have the flexibility to have freeze windows for services as well. You can block the deployments for some specific services across your environments or to Production/Non-Production environments.


Feature Flag to be disabled - TIME_RANGE_FREEZE_GOVERNANCE

Feature Flag to be Enabled - NEW_DEPLOYMENT_FREEZE