Continuous Verification Strategies, Tuning, and Best Practices

We've published a new guide to help you pick the best analysis strategy when setting up Continuous Verification (CV) for deployments.

The document explains the available strategies (Previous, Canary, Predictive) and provides best practices for using each as well as for setting analysis duration, wait periods, and algorithm sensitivity.

CV Strategies, Tuning, and Best Practices guide ยป

Tag Support

Harness now supports tagging application components with key/value pairs to help you organize, search, and filter them. image.png Tag values can be restricted to a pre-defined list and all applications of a particular tag can be easily viewed in the new Tag Management setup screens.

For full details on using and managing tags, see our docs.

Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline Support

If you are using Jenkins Multibranch pipelines, the Jenkins workflow command will now allow you to select the branch-specific pipeline to be executed. image.png See our Jenkins docs for more details.

Azure Key Vault Support

Azure Key Vault is now supported as a secrets manager option. image.png

For setup instructions, see our Secrets Management docs

Filters in Audit Trail

Following on to our recent update to the Harness Audit Trail, we've added a filter feature to allow you to quickly find specific changes made in your account. Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 09.59.39.png

For full details on filtering options, see our Audit Trail docs.

Deploy to multiple AWS accounts using a single delegate

If your company has many AWS accounts (e.g. separate accounts per team, per environment, etc.), it's now possible to use the same Harness delegate to deploy to many AWS accounts by leveraging the AWS Security Token Service (STS).

For detailed instructions, see our AWS docs.

Enhanced authentication settings

Authentication setup in Harness has been enhanced and simplified, combining SSO Provider and Login Settings into a single Authentication Settings screen. image.png

Additional authentication controls have been added, including:

  • Password strength, expiration, and lockout policies.
  • Email domain restriction.

For detailed setup instructions, see our Authentication Settings docs.

Traffic splitting via Istio

If you are using Istio in your Kubernetes cluster, Harness can now shift traffic gradually between service versions using Istio Virtual Services and Destination Rules. pasted image 0.png For full details and step-by-step instructions, see our Kubernetes Deployment docs.

YAML configuration for triggers

NOTE: This feature is disabled by default and available upon request.

Triggers for pipeline execution can now be configured as YAML and managed via an external Git repository. image.png See our YAML Code Reference for full details.

Datadog Verification Enhancements

We've released several enhancements for Datadog in workflow verification and 24/7 Service Guard including:

  • Log Management
  • ECS-specific metrics
  • Custom metrics image.png For more details and instructions for setting up Datadog integration, see our Datadog docs.

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